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Letter to the editor writer warns of 'dangerous dog' in Monroeville

• Oct 10, 2019 at 3:15 PM

This letter is being written to warn the residents of Monroeville (and Huron County) that a dangerous dog is kept in the community.

On Sept. 4 following a meeting at the Masonic Lodge on Monroe Street, Monroeville, I was standing outside in front of the building waiting for my wife to pick me up for the drive home. 

At this time I was violently struck on the right upper leg. On looking in that direction there was a dog on a leash being pulled away from me by the owner. The dog was barking and straining to get at me again. The owner did pull the animal to a place across the street, and quickly disappeared down the street toward his home. This was a large dog I later learned was a Doberman (breed).

I went back inside the Lodge and my friends saw where I was bitten and called the Monroeville police. An officer responded and learned I was suffering from a dog bite, with the comment “this is not the first time.” He took pictures of the bite which drew blood, then had me fill-out a police report of the incident. My wife then drove me to the emergency room in Norwalk. I was given a tetanus shot and a prescription of antibiotics to be filled the next morning.

On Sept.18 I was back in Monroeville for a lodge meeting, and stopped to find out what has happened (with) the dog. The answer was ‘nothing’ because the owner would not answer the door.

That night at the (Masonic) meeting the incident was discussed by members. Their suggestion was to call the Huron County Public Health Dept. — which I did the next morning. They had the required report (for) when a bite breaks the skin from the hospital, and learned the owner has not been contacted. 

My concern is what would happen if a child had been involved, and (I) feel a civic duty to file charges when contact is made with the owner and dog. 

Lawrence Fulk

Mount Vernon


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