What to expect when school is back in effect

Stacey Hartley • Aug 20, 2019 at 9:32 AM

For more than the past month, Norwalk Catholic and St. Paul schools have been preparing for their students’ return to a safe and inclusive environment.

“We need to be extremely welcoming,” said Martin Linder, NCS’ principal and president.

With the first day of classes beginning Thursday, Linder and the faculty are getting down to the wire, yet have important goals to better meet the needs of their students, by way of focusing on healthy relationships.

“Right now we’re competing — for teachers and staff — around the school to build relationships,” continued Linder. “We want parents to get to know their kids’ teachers; students to get to know the new kids; new kids to get to know and become involved with their (new) school.”

One of the ways the schools plan to achieve that is through the institution of a new program focusing on areas of joy, kindness and self-control in the classroom. 

“(So) what does joy/kindness/self-control look like in the classroom? ... We’ve been working with (our) chaplains and staff (in developing) expectations for behaviors, and how we treat each other.”

Additionally, faculty and administrators for Norwalk Catholic, St. Paul and Norwalk City Schools gathered to learn more about school safety this morning at Norwalk High School. The 8 to 11 a.m. system-wide event was sponsored by the Huron County Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

In other back-to-school news, Pleasant Elementary is holding a pep rally “extravaganza” for the public at the school, the morning of Aug. 22. 

“We will be welcoming the students back as they get off the bus and dropped-off with cheers, high fives, music, treats, etc. to get them excited about the new school year. We will be outside to welcome them from 7:55 a.m. until approximately 8:45 a.m,” Principal Janice Smith said.

“If you need to park at the bottom of the hill, we will provide transportation to and from school.”


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