'Diesel, you are a hero!'

Zoe Greszler • Aug 19, 2019 at 10:00 PM

A seventh-grade 4-Her has become an inspiration to the community after donated $15,000 to charity. 

Wester Reserve Local Schools posted its pride in Diesel Pippert on the district’s Facebook page, praising his selflessness and concern for others. 

“A young man lives amongst us who should be an example to us all,” the post said. “Western Reserve seventh-grader Diesel Pippert donated all of his livestock premiums to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (after) the Huron County Fair large animal sale. His donation of $15,000 will help to find cures for young children and save lives. Diesel, you are a hero!”

The community agreed. 

“Diesel, I saw this post and I am blown away with your generosity and maturity at age 14,” Kathy Sibley said in her response the post. “Congratulations to you and I believe that you will continue to be a hero as you grow. St. Jude must be in awe of you. So proud and happy to know that young people like you are in our society.”

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