Scranton Road Bridge being repaired

LynAnne Vucovich • Nov 2, 2019 at 9:39 AM

HARTLAND TOWNSHIP — The bridge on Scranton Road is being reset with new beams.

The road should be open in two weeks. Huron County Engineer Lee Tansey is in charge of the project. 

“We are setting the bridge deck. It’s concrete beams; there will be eight of them going on,” Tansey said. “They weigh about 15,000 pounds apiece.”

The eight beams will be set and next week, the team plans to return to put a “waterproofing membrane” over the beams before resurfacing it with asphalt. Once that is done, guardrails will go back up and the road will be opened up for traffic.

“Probably with weather and coordination it’ll be two more weeks before we can open back up,” Tansey said. “It’s been about a month it’s been closed.”

Most of the bridges in Huron County have a five-year program, the engineer added, and Scranton Road was up for repairs. All of the support beams were made at the engineer’s office, which helps to cut costs.

“We’re doing almost all this work in house, so it’ll end up being between $15,000 and 17,000 when we’re all said and done,” Tansey said. 

Scranton Road will be resurfaced and paved next year. Tansey said he wants to ensure that every part of the road will be in working condition beforehand. 

“This road is being resurfaced next year, so before we do any big resurfacing projects we like to upgrade any bridges or culverts, things like that prior to the paving project,” he said. “We know we’re paving next year already so we’re looking to get all this sort of stuff done ahead of time. The paving project will be (from Hartland Center Road) all the way past (U.S.) 250 for a couple miles.”

The paving project next year is projected to cost $800,000, Tansey said. 

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