'New Day Cleveland' returns to Norwalk

Cary Ashby • Aug 12, 2017 at 10:00 PM

Norwalk once again will be on the FOX lifestyle program “New Day Cleveland.”

The episode will air at 10 a.m. Friday, Aug. 25.

The crew was in the Maple City to record segments at Mannino’s on Main, Summit Motorsports Park, Daniel’s Hobbies, The Freight House Grill & Pub and Vargo’s Drive-In. They will return Tuesday and Wednesday to cover Berry’s Restaurant, Patina46, Bohemian Wrapsody, When Pigs Fly and Norwalk Fabric Outlet LLC.

Producer Rachel Inch said the show looks for places where viewers might “shop, play, eat or stay,” so when Norwalk business owner Stan Obrenovich sent a letter to “New Day Cleveland” promoting what Maple City has to offer, “we decided we should go back.”

“We were here in 2013. Things have changed,” Inch said, so this new segment will reflect what’s going on in Norwalk.

In late January 2013, the show filmed segments about Uptown Café (where Bohemian Wrapsody is now), the old Huron County Jail, Berry’s Restaurant, When Pigs Fly, Patina46, the Norwalk Public Library, Gabby Road Studio, Norwalk Fabric Outlet and Crumbs Confection (now closed). Kristi Capel, who co-hosted “New Day Cleveland” at the time with David Moss, was in town with videographer Herb Thomas.

“Stan sent us a stack of (Discover) Norwalk magazines,” Inch said. “I thumbed through all of them.”

This time, Moss was back in Norwalk with Inch and FOX 8 camera man Tom Genovese. 

Moss spoke highly of Norwalk before he recorded his segment Friday with Freight House co-owner Andrew Stroud. Hans Hoffman and Don Edwards are the other owners.

“I used to come out to the drag strip as a kid,” said Moss, who remembers attending “all the big racing events.”

“I just love this town,” he added. “I love the architecture here. The buildings are fantastic.”

Four years ago, the TV host was put in touch with an upholsterer while recording at the Norwalk Fabric Outlet.  Moss never met the man and only talked to him on the telephone.

“I brought my ottoman to be reupholstered,” said Moss, who was worked at FOX for nearly 23 years.

The man made arrangements for Moss to drop off his furniture at his garage. Two weeks later, Moss received a call to tell him his ottoman was ready and he dropped off a check — and never met the man who performed the work.

“It’s a place where everybody trusts everybody — nobody locks their doors,” said Moss, who has hosted “Good Day Cleveland” for seven to eight years.

Freight House manager Jen Hicks said having FOX 8 covering the restaurant means that in addition to people discovering the eatery while doing a Google search, it’s “one of the hip places.” Inch, in a separate interview, said Freight House is a place where viewers might enjoy eating, coming to “have a beer or eat a sandwich.”

“Freight House seems like an obvious spot (to feature),” the producer added. “It’s different than Berry’s; it’s different than Vargo’s.”

Hicks said Freight House prides itself on being “a great place to eat” with a good atmosphere and good food for reasonable prices.

“If you have those three things, you’ll have repeat customers,” added the manager, who trains her staff to focus on building relationships with their visitors and “regulars.”

Moss and Inch chatted with hostesses Kayla Appeman and Jamie Jenkins between recording the Freight House segments.

“It’s a vital downtown,” said Moss, who enjoyed seeing the “full windows” in the Main Street businesses. “It has a lot of great charm.”

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