Trump motivational rally an event for the family

Zoe Greszler • Updated Oct 19, 2016 at 9:25 AM

Eric Trump’s visit to Norwalk Tuesday was a big hit with local supporters, and even some who traveled from out of the county.

About 500 showed up, united to rally behind the Republican Party and its presidential candidate, Donald Trump, at Norwalk’s VFW. 

A few of them shared why they decided to attend the event, why they support Trump and what they thought of his eldest son.

Anita Mendoza, of Bellevue, came out with her family, including her two sons aged 4 and 2.

“We’re here supporting Trump,” she said. “Trump is about family and wants what we need. We wanted to show that the minority are supporting Trump; it’s not just older, white men like some of the media portrays and some of the surveys say. The minority support Trump too.

“We agree with a lot of his policies. We've had eight years of Obama and we got bad policies. I believe if Hillary gets in office we’ll have four more years of bad policies. We need better policies and more jobs. I have two children. We do need better jobs to support them. And I believe in his values. He’s pro-life, and so am I. I have two children and I’m a christian and I’m against abortion. I believe in those values. We went to the rally in Cleveland. ... My little ones already know who Donald Trump is.”

Cam Caizzo, 15, isn't old enough to vote just yet, but he was all ready showing support for his part of choice with a sign that read “Millennials for Trump.”

“I’m just trying to voice that we’re millennials and we’re for Trump too,” Caizzo said. “Some of us aren’t old enough to vote but we want Trump.”

“We’re pro-life and we don’t want to support abortion,” he added. “I think (the campaign) is going good in Ohio.Trump all the way! I think Trump has a lot (fewer) problems than Hillary does.”

Brendan Roulette, 55, of Willard went to the motivational event with her daughter Amanda Roulette, 34, of Attica, feeling it was an important event to attend together.

“We feel line this is a critical election for many people,” Brendal said. “Every generation after this will be effected by who’s elected.”

“I have a 3-month-old so he’ll definitely be effected by it,” Amanda said. “And we support the major issues. We wanted to come and show our support and show that women with big butts vote Trump too. ... It’s not true — Hillary’s accusations. 

In a recent campaign ad for Hillary Clinton, tapes were played of some of Trump’s comments including “A woman who’s flat-chested is very hard to be a 10,” and “Does she have a good body? No. Does she have a fat [expletive]? Absolutely.”

The mother-daughter duo don’t think the recent accusations are relevant to the current campaign.

“There were 80 million copies of ‘50 Shades of Grey’ sold. How is that different?,” Brendan said. “That was widely popular. What Donald Trump did 11 years ago shouldn’t matter now.”

“He was a citizen then,” Amanda said. “That’s what guys say and do unfortunately. Get over it. I work in the railroad and the guys I work with say things even worse than anything Trump has said.”

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