'This country is broken'

Zoe Greszler • Updated Oct 18, 2016 at 6:59 PM

Eric Trump’s rally with Huron County Trump supporters left many motivated and inspired. He spoke with conviction in favor of his father, stating Donald Trump had his full support.

Away from the crowds, Eric’s enthusiasm for his father’s campaign didn’t wane.

In an exclusive interview with the Reflector he explained why he feels going around the state helping his father is important, despite not being a “politician.”

“This was a great turnout,” he said of the event. “Every place you go this is how it is. We have great support.”

Donald Trump’s youngest son, 32, said he felt the campaign was going well.

“I absolutely do,” he said. “People want their country back. They want it how it should be. They want it to be prosperous. 

“When I mentioned Obamacare, did you hear all of the ‘boos’? They’ve had it and people just want their country back. People are fed up. This country is building up debt. We have $20 trillion in debt. The people don’t feel like the debt or this country is being taken care of. They want the change that we need to get our country back.”

“This country is broken,” Trump said. “Everything in it is broken. Quite honestly, there isn’t anything that’s not broken — the economy, jobs, education, the VA, the infrastructure. Everything’s broken. And the people in charge can’t fix it because they’re corrupt. Washington is corrupt. And the system is rigged.”

Does Eric believe his father is the one that can fix it?

“There’s no question about it. That’s what he does — he fixes things,” he said with conviction. “He fixes things and puts them back together and builds them up. He’s a great builder and leaves things better than they were before he had them. 

“We need someone that’s not corrupt, someone that’s not jaded by the whole mess.”

Eric said he doesn’t put any stock in recent accusations against the presidential candidate.

“Anyone who believes any of those (accusations) would have to be incredibly naive,” he said. “The Clinton campaign had these things orchestrated a long time ago.”

Eric said people should be more worried about things that have been revealed about Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“Clinton has a history with women. If you look at her executives, women make $80,000 less on average than her male executives. That’s not right. Why hasn’t she fixed that yet? We need someone that does more than just speak, more than just talking the talk. The politicians are talking and saying nice speeches, but what are they doing? They have a private and a public life. They’re talking out of both sides of their mouth. We need someone better than that.”

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