'Bella' and 'Max' are most popular dog names in Huron County

Zoe Greszler • Feb 12, 2018 at 4:00 AM

The people of Huron County certainly love man’s best friend. In 2017 alone, there were 9,245 dogs registered here.

Huron County matched the nation with the top male and female dog names for 2017 — “Max” and “Bella,” respectively.

In addition to the 95 dogs named “Max,” the top five male dog names include “Buddy,” “Charlie,” “Jack” and “Duke.”

After the 152 “Bella” the top five female dog names are “Molly,” “Sadie,” “Daisy” and “Lucy.”

With dog owners increasingly calling themselves “pet parents,” it’s no surprise we’re naming our pets like our children. Nearly half of the nation’s canine names last year were human names, according to Rover.com research. 

Pop culture continues to inspire names. In the U.S., a survey by Rover found 53 percent of dog owners reported having a dog named after a book, movie or TV character; for example, “Star Wars” names are up 70 percent and “Stranger Things” is more popular than ever. Nationwide, the name “Barb” grew 182 percent and “Eleven” grew 166 percent. 

Locally, though, the sci-fi show “Stranger Things” seems to be less popular since there were no dogs registered by either name (”Barb” or “Eleven”). 

Other popular characters names were borrowed, though.

In the county, there were 12 named “Scooby,” three named “Chewbacca” “Chewbaca” of “Star Wars” fame, two named “Sherlock,” one apiece named “Big Foot,” “Honey Boo Boo” and “Michael Jackson.”

Additionally, throughout the United States,, “DoggoLingo,” an Internet-created language fueled by love for dogs, is a new trend on the rise this year, according to Rover. The name “Fluffer” increased 500 percent, while names like “Floof,” “Corgo” and “Woofer” rose 52 percent.

Huron County seems to be behind the times when it comes to these techno names, though, since no owners chose any of those DoggoLingo terms last year.

Mostly, local pet owners are just creative.

Food items were popular name choices, such as the 15 dogs were named “Cookie,” six called “Tater,” five “Taco,” three named “Pickles,” two named “Chocolate” and “Meatloaf,” and one very original “Chewy Pancake.”  

There were 38 dogs listed with the name “Adoption,” 16 with the name “Cash,” another eight named “Karma,” two more “Fat Boy,” and a half dozen named “Snuggles.”

Original names included “Jumpin Jazzamataz,” “Mr. Fatty,” “Prince Patrick Starr,” “Winston Churchill” and “Butthead.”

Here are the most popular name choices among registered dog owners throughout Huron County:

Top 15 girl names:

Bella — 152

Molly — 104

Sadie — 101

Daisy — 86

Lucy — 75

Maggie — 69

Chloe — 62

Harley — 60

Bailey — 52

Sophie — 51

Gracie — 49

Zoey — 45

Abby — 42

Roxy — 40

Ginger — 38


Top 10 boy names:

Max — 95

Buddy — 91

Charlie — 70

Jack — 66

Duke — 58

Toby — 57

Brutus — 55

Cooper — 50

Bear — 48

Rocky — 48

Buster — 41

Jake — 41

Tucker — 40

Gunner — 38

Diesel — 31

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