'All I want is for her to come back home'

Zoe Greszler • Updated Jan 27, 2017 at 1:02 AM

Donna Friedley, of Greenwich, said she made “an awful mistake” last Friday.

Friedley said she just wants to be given the chance to fix what she’s done but that she’s being “treated like a criminal” for something she “regrets a lot.”

Lady, a fox terrier, was part of Friedley’s family.

“We got her from an Amish couple 8 1/2 years ago. She was about 3 months old then,” she said.

In what she terms “a moment of being stupid,” Friedley gave up that dear family member.

“It was just starting to be a hassle,” she said. “Just one day, it just drove me nuts. It was just one of those stupid moments.

“I brought my dog to (the Huron County) Humane Society on Jan. 20, and it was all a very big mistake on my end by doing that. I am having problems trying to deal with her being gone. I miss my dog very much, so I called on Jan. 24 to see if I can get her back. And they’re (the humane society) saying I have to go through all the paperwork, pay for her and check my home. I do not feel I should have to go through all that to get my dog back. I had my dog for eight years and six months.”

Friedly said she realized she had a made a mistake as soon as she got home but waited a few days “trying to see if it was something that I could handle.”

“Every day that keeps going by I’m missing her. She was a part of my family,” she added.

“I tried to explain that to the humane society in Norwalk and they just don’t care. They said, ‘Well, how do we know that if we let you have the dog back, that you won’t just bring her back again?’ I learned my lesson the first time — I’m not going to do it again. They say it could cost $150 to get her back, plus I have to have them check my home and do all of this paperwork. “

A person who answered the phone at the humane society shelter said she was not authorized to discuss the matter but said an official would contact the Reflector. The newspaper did not receive a call before the story's deadline.

“Yes, I did (make) a mistake,” Friedley said. “Yes, I did something without thinking. Yes, I did a wrong thing. But I should not be treated poorly or (like) a criminal (for) a mistake. It has only been five days now; it’s not like a month or months. I should be allowed to get her back. She could come back home and live happy and peaceful and be loved every second of every day.”

Friedley said she feels there should be a change in policy at the shelter.

“I paid $40 dollars when I dropped her off, and now I have to pay and do paperwork and someone has to come to my home. That is hurtful,” she said.

“I am not a bad person. Everyone makes mistakes at least once in there life,” Friedley said. “All I want is my dog to come home. I miss and love her so much. The sad part is it has only been five days. ... I was treated rotten over it and I don’t think I should be treated like that. They never once explained to me what would happen, what I would have to do, if I wanted to get Lady back.

“I cannot not stop crying and my stomach is upset and I have been in the blues since she has been gone,” Friedley added. “I love my dog and all I want is for her to come back home. I feel there should be a 10-day period where anyone can come back and get their dog back before going through the hassle.”

Friedley said she plans to “try to wait” to get Lady back, in hopes of humane society officials changing their minds. But in the meantime, she said she felt compelled to share her story to prevent others “all of the pain and suffering” she has gone through.

“Don’t do it,” she added. “I just want everyone to know, please think twice before just giving your animal away. This is a hard lesson to learn and you may never see them again unless your willing to go though all the paperwork, criminal background check and pay for them, and have them come to your home and inspect it.”

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