'All they want is a good home with someone to love them'

Zoe Greszler • Nov 30, 2016 at 4:03 PM

Many think of this time of year as a time of giving and what better thing to give the gift of a loving home?

On Black Friday, 10 animals from the Huron County Humane Society (HCHS) were given just that.

“It was so nice, we had 10 adoptions on Black Friday,” said Nancy Burns, HCHS animal caregiver. “That’s wonderful. So many need homes and we just want them all to find a home for the holidays, and like I said we have so many that need adopted.

“We had a Black Friday sale where it was only a $75 fee instead of the normal $125 fee (to adopt an animal),” she added. 

“That includes a leukemia test or heartworm test. The dogs are microchipped. They have all of their vaccines. You can’t go to a vet and get that for $75 or $125. They’re all vaccinated and you know when you get one (from here) that they’re all leukemia negative, they don’t have heartworm and then they get their vaccines and are spayed or neutered. So it really is a deal.”

With the holidays just around the corner, HCHS will hold another sale, though the prices are not yet officially decided. 

Burns said it’s important to the organization that the animals find good homes.

“That’s all they want is a good home with someone to love them,” she said. “They all have their own personalities and their own stories.”

One such story is that of one of the 10 kittens that just came in, Trooper.

“He was part of a rescue when he came here,” Burns said.

“He was almost dead. You couldn’t even tell if he had one of his eyes. He was being abused by some kids, then someone else saw them and called the police and they brought him in here and (Trooper’s) sibling was already gone, dead, and he was just a mess. And so we called him Trooper because he was a real trooper with all the medicine. They’re (the kittens) still at that age that they’re still so playful.”

Some situations don’t allow for a person to adopt a pet in need of a home.

There are other ways to give though and HCHS has set up a giving tree to let the community know just what is needed. The tree is decorated with gift tags labeled with an item that is needed for the animals, allowing the individual to take the tag, shop for the item(s) and help in a way that will make a real difference.

“We always need bleach and we always need kitty litter and just general donations and we put it up there so people can just come in and take one,” Burns said.

“It just went up (Monday) and someone’s already taken one. And we do get donations. When we put a plea out there that we need something, we’ll come in and we’ll find bags of food or bleach or paper towels or things. People are pretty good about those things, especially around the holidays. It seems like they want to do something good.”

Currently the shelter is housing 10 dogs, 10 kittens and about nine adult cats all in need of a good home.

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