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Deer smashes its way into store, then destroys antiques inside, owner says

By Noah Feit • Dec 10, 2018 at 1:00 PM

An employee said it sounded like a bomb, and there was a trail of wreckage through the North Carolina store, and blood, as well.

The damage at the Asheboro antique store wasn’t caused by an armed robbery. It wasn’t even caused by a person.

It was a deer that left WM Ivey’s Antiques in shambles, according to Dennis Robbins, a co-owner of Cathy’s Clocks located inside the store.

“Crazy ass deer just jumped through our front window at the shop,” Robbins posted on Facebook.

The deer, identified as a doe, was being chased by two people when it smashed through a large display window at the front of the store on Dec. 6, WFMY reported.

“It sounded like a bomb went off,” Robbins said of the deer smashing through the plate-glass window before trying to barrel through a door at the back of the store where it left blood stains, according to the Courier-Tribune. “It hit the back door like a ton of bricks.”

In his Facebook post, Robbins said the deer ran through the shop and “out the side of the other window.”

The doe eventually escaped through another window at the front of the store, but it did not smash this one. Instead it pushed “tempered glass” through the pane and squeezed its way outside, per WFMY.

While the deer shattered the window, it did not inflict much damage once inside the store filled with fragile antiques.

On its way in, as it smashed through the window in a jump, it cleared a table of pots before landing, without breaking one, Robbins said, according to the Courier-Tribune. It only knocked over and shattered a pottery jug, estimated to be 150 years old, Robbins said.

The deer was not unscathed by the incident.

After its time in the shop, it was soon discovered with injuries at the City Cemetery, where WFMY reported it was “put down” by Asheboro Animal Control officers.


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