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'Potentially catastrophic' Hurricane Michael, world in mental health crisis, Gecko butt-dials ‘bazillion’ times and more

• Oct 10, 2018 at 4:06 PM

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USA TODAY: 'Potentially catastrophic' Hurricane Michael set to crash into Florida as Category 4 storm

Hurricane Michael was upgraded to a “potentially catastrophic” Category 4 storm early Wednesday by the National Hurricane Center and was poised to crash into the Florida Panhandle later in the day with historic force.

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THE GUARDIAN: World in mental health crisis of 'monumental suffering', say experts

A team of 28 global experts assembled by the Lancet medical journal says there is a “collective failure to respond to this global health crisis” which “results in monumental loss of human capabilities and avoidable suffering.”

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THE VERGE: The 5 biggest announcements from the Google Pixel 3 event

Months of leaks were finally confirmed at the Pixel 3 event today in New York City, where Google just unveiled its newest flagship Android phone and a few new devices, including the Pixel Slate and Google Home Hub.

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BUZZFEED NEWS: Taylor Swift's Instagram post has caused a massive spike in voter registration

Since singer Taylor Swift flexed her star power Sunday with an Instagram post that encouraged her 112 million followers to register to vote, Vote.org has experienced an unprecedented flood of new voter registrations nationwide.

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ONE COOL THING: Gecko butt-dials ‘bazillion’ times from Hawaii seal hospital

She walked into a lab and found the culprit. The gecko was perched on a phone, making calls to everyone in the recent call history with “HIS TINY GECKO FEET,” she wrote in a Twitter thread the next day, detailing the saga.

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