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Investigating Trump fraud allegations, Kander ending his campaign, Raised by YouTube and more

• Oct 3, 2018 at 9:30 AM

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THE GUARDIAN: New York tax authorities investigating Trump fraud allegations

New York state tax authorities are investigating after the New York Times reported that Donald Trump engaged in “dubious tax schemes during the 1990s, including instances of outright fraud”, as he and his siblings took control of a real estate empire built by Fred C Trump, the president’s late father.

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BUZZFEED: Jason Kander is ending his campaign for mayor of KC to seek PTSD treatment

“So many men and women who served our country did so much more than me and were in so much more danger than I was on my four-month tour,” he wrote. “I can’t have PTSD, I told myself, because I didn’t earn it.” “But, on some level, I knew something was deeply wrong, and that it hadn’t felt that way before my deployment,” he added.

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THE ATLANTIC: Raised by YouTube

ChuChu TV is a fast-growing threat to traditional competitors, from Sesame Street to Disney to Nickelodeon. With all its decades of episodes, well-known characters, and worldwide brand recognition, Sesame Street has more than 5 billion views on YouTube. That’s impressive, but ChuChu has more than 19 billion.

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SMITHSONIAN: Would baseball have become America's pastime without baseball cards?

Today, collectors are most likely to think of baseball cards in the context of the 1950s, when collecting was at its peak. The cards complemented a thriving game, a signature American sport that was gaining a lasting foothold on television. To envision Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays on cards of that era is to think of broad grins and carefree afternoons

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ONE COOL THING: Everything you need to know about Amazon Echo Sub

Amazon recently expanded its lineup of Echo smart speakers with updated versions of existing models and a handful of entirely new audio products. One of the most anticipated amongst these additions is its new subwoofer, the Amazon Echo Sub.

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