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Dunkin' Donuts dropping 'Donuts', new neon fish discovered, vaccination rates as low as Sudan and more

• Sep 26, 2018 at 11:13 AM

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FIVETHIRTYEIGHT: Science says toxic masculinity -- more than alcohol -- leads to sexual assault

Years of research both in and out of the lab suggests that there is a connection between young men drinking alcohol and making choices that destroy young women’s lives. But it’s not accurate to say alcohol causes sexual assault.

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THE GUARDIAN: How the Koch brothers built the most powerful rightwing group you've never heard of

Americans for Prosperity is a little-known, billionaire-funded organization that has pushed US politics to the right. How did it happen?

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CNN MONEY: Dunkin' Donuts is officially dropping 'Donuts'

The makeover is part of Dunkin' Brand's efforts to relabel itself as a "beverage-led" company that focuses on coffees, teas, speedy service and to-go food including -— but not limited to — doughnuts.

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THE ATLANTIC: Wealthy LA school district vaccination rates are as low as Sudan

Hollywood parents say not vaccinating makes "instinctive" sense. Now their kids have whooping cough.

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ONE COOL THING: New, ultra-colored neon fish species discovered

IN THE MIDDLE of the Atlantic Ocean, hundreds of feet underwater, the Greek goddess of love lives on—in the form of a dazzling reef fish.

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