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Ex-UN chief Ban Ki-moon, Serial killer case resumes, 'punctuation meatloaf' and more

• Sep 25, 2018 at 11:28 AM

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USA TODAY: Five striking takeaways from Brett Kavanaugh's Fox interview

Sitting next to his wife, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee flatly refuted accusations of sexual assault as he sought to defend himself days before the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to have another hearing on his confirmation.

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THE DAILY BEAST: Democrats to Michael Avenatti: 'You are not helping'

“Mr. Avenatti has a tendency to sensationalize and make his various crusades more about himself than about getting at the truth,” said a senior Senate Democratic aide. “This moment calls for the exact opposite.”

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THE GUARDIAN: Ex-UN chief Ban Ki-moon says US healthcare system is 'morally wrong'

Failing to provide health coverage, he said, was “unethical” and “politically wrong, morally wrong”. He accused the “powerful” interests of pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and doctors that “inhibit the American government” of having prevented the US from moving towards universal healthcare.

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THE RICHLAND SOURCE: Serial killer Shawn Grate's case resumes today

MANSFIELD -- The court odyssey of convicted murderer and accused serial killer Shawn Grate continues in Mansfield on Tuesday. Greenwich resident Stacey Stanley was among the four victims whom Grate was previously convicted of murdering.

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ONE COOL THING: Are you ready for 'punctuation meatloaf?'

I thought, what if someone scooped the ground beef into an aluminum tin in the shape of a punctuation mark? Then you could have “Hey, It’s Meat Loaf!”

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