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School violence flares, lawmakers ditch town halls, Russian hackers and more

• Aug 21, 2018 at 11:24 AM

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USA TODAY: 51% of school violence incidents flared in just 10 states last year. Is your state one of them?

Though this year's states of concern are located around the country and have varying gun-control policies, a few factors link them together, said Amy Klinger, director of programs at the ESSN, an education-based non-profit focusing on violence prevention in schools.

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THE GUARDIAN: Russian hackers targeting conservative US thinktanks, Microsoft says

The Russian group linked to the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s presidential election campaign has been launching fresh attacks in the US, including against two conservative thinktanks, in the run-up to the midterm elections, according to Microsoft.

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POLITICO: Lawmakers ditch town halls: 'They want to avoid those gotcha moments'

Wither the town hall. Long gone are the angry mobs of voters pushing and shoving one another, hissing and shouting down lawmakers — in one instance, hanging a lawmaker in effigy at an anti-Obamacare protest — that defined Congress’ summer of hell in 2009.

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QUARTZ: Asia Argento did not wreck the #METOO movement

Proves a person can be both a perpetrator and a victim.

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ONE COOL THING: See how those with sight problems see

If you’re shortsighted, you’ll know what it feels like: take of your glasses and the world around you is a complete blur. Philip Barlow, a hyperrealistic artist from Cape Town, has created a series of paintings that replicates this sensation.

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