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White nationalists lost, Aretha Franklin seriously ill, Trump had no idea Omarosa had been fired and more

• Aug 13, 2018 at 12:05 PM

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THE GUARDIAN: UN human rights chief: Trump's attacks on press 'close to incitement of violence'

Donald Trump’s anti-press rhetoric is “very close to incitement to violence” that would lead to journalists censoring themselves or being attacked, the outgoing UN human rights commissioner has said.

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QUARTZ: Long summer school breaks make inequality worse

The romanticized view of summer vacations is of carefree, sun-dappled stretches of relaxation, outdoor exploration, and family togetherness. The reality is a more often a haze of disrupted childcare for working parents and a marked slide in educational achievement for kids that increases as the summer goes on.

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BUZZFEED: How white nationalists lost at the second 'Unite the Right' rally

Many had expected the anniversary of the violence in Charlottesville to mirror the horror of the first rally, in which counterprotester Heather Heyer was killed and dozens of others injured in violent clashes between white nationalists and anti-racist demonstrators in the Virginia college town. This time around, however, there weren’t even enough racists to fill a train car.

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TIME: Aretha Franklin is seriously ill

Aretha Franklin is seriously ill, according to a person close to the singer. The person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the person was not allowed to publicly talk about the topic, told The Associated Press on Monday that Franklin is seriously ill. No more details were provided.

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ONE COOL THING: Omarosa recording shows Trump had no idea she’d been fired

This is not that big a deal. Manigault-Newman wasn’t, like, his secretary of state, so it’s not that weird he didn’t know about her dismissal. The president has lots of things to do, and being aware of the employment status of the director of communications for the White House Public Liaison Office is not high on the list. Or he was just feigning ignorance to get off easy himself. Cowardly as hell, but also fine.

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