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Pope changes teaching, white threat in a browning America, how bots amplify hoaxes and more

• Aug 2, 2018 at 11:01 AM

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THE GUARDIAN: Pope changes teaching to oppose death penalty in all cases

Capital punishment was “an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person”, Pope Francis said in a change to Catholic teaching.

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NBC: Ex-OSU wrestling coach pressured Jim Jordan's accusers to recant their statements

Retired Ohio State wrestling coach Russ Hellickson reached out to two ex-team members and asked them to support their former assistant coach, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, a day after they accused the powerful congressman of turning a blind eye to alleged sexual abuse by the team doctor, according to the wrestlers and text messages they shared with NBC News.

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VOX: White threat in a browning America

America is changing, and fast. According to the Census Bureau, 2013 marked the first yearthat a majority of US infants under the age of 1 were nonwhite. The announcement, made during the second term of the nation’s first African-American president, was not a surprise. Demographers had been predicting such a tipping point for years, and they foresaw more to come.

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RECODE: How bots amplify hoaxes and propaganda on social media

In everything from political elections to the debates over Roseanne Barr’s and Samantha Bee’s controversial statements, bots are insinuating themselves into the discourse and provoking humans into being more outraged. Hear what Zignal Labs CEO Josh Ginsberg says businesses and regular people can do to better gird themselves against these bot attacks.

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ONE COOL THING: Tiger Woods' earnings at the Bridgestone

Tiger Woods continues his comeback at one of his favorite courses today as the WGC-Bridgestone championship begins in Akron for the last time. You'll be amazed at how much Tiger has earned at the tournament through the years.

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