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Missouri duck boat accident, 27 tornadoes in Iowa, 400,000 people living in 'modern slavery' and more

• Updated Jul 20, 2018 at 10:21 AM

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ABC: Missouri duck boat accident leaves 13 dead, including children

A tourist duck boat capsized in a lake near Branson, Missouri, amid powerful storms, killing at least 13 people, including children, the Missouri Highway Patrol said.

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CNN: 27 reported tornadoes rip through Iowa

There were 27 reports of tornadoes in the state Thursday, CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller said. The exact number will be released by the National Weather Service when it surveys the damage.

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WIRED: What Robert Mueller knows and the nine areas he will pursue next

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein knows one very big, monumental, history-shaping thing—how Trump’s presidency will end—and he’s wagered that if he can hang on long enough, justice will be done and the good guys, in his eyes, will win.

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THE GUARDIAN: Over 400,000 people living in 'modern slavery' in US, report finds

More than 400,000 people could be living in “modern slavery” in the US, a condition of servitude broadly defined in a new study as forced and state-imposed labor, sexual servitude and forced marriage.

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ONE COOL THING: Big, mysterious sarcophagus is a dud

Nobody knew what was inside, but some feared that the black granite coffin might be cursed. Those fears were put to rest on Thursday, when the sarcophagus was finally opened. It was full of human bones and sewage.

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