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Crisis of elite impunity, plants will make your home look better, baby died of whooping cough and more

• Jul 19, 2018 at 12:33 PM

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THE GUARDIAN: Maria Butina: accused spy was in contact with Russian intelligence, prosecutors say

The Russian woman charged with spying in the US was in contact with suspected Russian intelligence officers and a billionaire oligarch linked to the Kremlin, US authorities said on Wednesday.

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VOX: Donald Trump and the crisis of elite impunity

The reason the Trump campaign appears to have actively accepted help from Russia in winning the 2016 election is a culture of elite impunity, where business and political leaders face absolutely no accountability for misdeeds. And it’s a culture that Trump critic John Brennan and many political elites like him have fostered, and from which they have personally benefited.

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ESQUIRE: The right plants will make your home look better -- and make you happier and healthier

Low-maintenance plants exist beyond just succulents and cacti. Companies are crafting a space for people who want to bring a little life into an otherwise dark, cramped, circulation-less home. They're the starter plants you didn't know you've always needed. Here's why they're so damn good.

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BUZZFEED: A baby in California has died of whooping cough

The baby was under 6 months of age, and California health officials are urging more people, particularly pregnant women, to get the vaccine that prevents the infection.

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ONE COOL THING: Finally, the world has a shirtless Jeff Goldblum statue

It's been 25 years since Jurassic Park graced this world, and to commemorate it, London's NOW TV has constructed one of the greatest artistic achievements of our time: A 25-foot statue of a half-naked Jeff Goldblum

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