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Trumps claims victory, Stormy Daniels arrested, you only live once and more

• Jul 12, 2018 at 10:28 AM

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THE GUARDIAN: Trump claims victory at Nato summit after fresh row over defense spending

Donald Trump has claimed victory at the Nato summit, saying progress had been made on defence spending only hours after throwing the Brussels meeting intodisarray with fresh attacks on European allies.

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USA TODAY: Court nominee charged more on his credit card for baseball tickets than his annual salary

President Donald Trump's pick for the Supreme Court is a big baseball fan — and he racked up debts that went way beyond buying some peanuts and Cracker Jack at ballgames.

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BUZZFEED: Stormy Daniels arrested during Columbus show

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels, who allegedly had an affair with President Trump and is currently suing him, was arrested at a strip club in Columbus, Ohio early Thursday, according to court records and her lawyer.

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QUARTZ: You only live once; drink your wine on the rocks

Few things in life are as enjoyable as a glass of chilled wine on a hot day. While the chilliness of said glass shouldn’t be controversial, you probably know by now that is not the case.

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ONE COOL THING: 33 Things To Solve Every Problem You've Ever Faced At The Beach

Beer bottle opener sunglasses are on the list.

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