Light wants jobs and a safer Norwalk

LynAnne Vucovich • Nov 28, 2019 at 11:30 PM

Mayor-elect Dave Light is preparing to begin his new position in Norwalk. He will be sworn into office Jan. 2.

Despite not being involved in this year’s budget, Light has been keeping up with city council’s discussion on the upcoming year’s finances.

“I woke up at 2 o’clock this morning (and) I started looking at the budget,” Light said.

“I had questions, I had to call Michelle about it,” he added, referring to finance director Michelle Reeder.

Light wants to bring more high paying jobs to the area for people to come to Norwalk. He said much of the city’s budget comes from income tax and some property tax.

“The whole quality of life that we’ve gotten used to here in the city is based on having money to run the city and provide the protection and quality of life,” he added.

Light has seen a shift in the type of jobs available and has seen more technology-based positions recently.

“NASA’s pumped millions of dollars in right north of us,” Light said. “I think (Norwalk) being a solid, family-oriented community here, with two great school systems, we’re ready for things to happen.”

Light hopes the Norwalk Economic Development Corp. and Huron County Development Council will work closely in the future to bring more jobs to the area.

“If you want to raise a family, this is the best place ever,” he said.

Light said he thinks that another police officer added to the police department will help keep the city safer. Light was the police chief from November 2009 until his retirement in February 2018.

“Every time we had an officer…. out for surgery or something happens, we would have to pull someone out from the detective bureau to go back on the road,” Light said. “When you got to pull one of those guys off, your drug investigations come to a standstill.”

Light also said he hopes with another officer, the police department will be able to keep investigations ongoing, despite a leave of absence, and without too much overtime.

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