Thanksgiving is a celebration of food and family

LynAnne Vucovich • Nov 27, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Thanksgiving is a time of comfort food, family and holiday customs. Some Norwalk residents shared their traditions and favorite memories.

Mary Anne Claus, owner of the Creamettes Emporium, remembers going to her mother’s house once she had a family of her own.

“After I was married and the kids were little and (my mom) would always set a beautiful table,” Claus said. “She would go the whole nine yards, course after course, with the fancy china that you have to hand wash. She would spend days preparing and probably days cleaning up.”

She said eating lots of pies, turkey, and stuffing are traditional foods for her family, like so many others.

Claus enjoys getting together with family, “especially as our kids are getting older,” and seeing people “you only see a couple of times a year.”

“Just getting together as a family and giving thanks for the blessings we do have,” she said. “We are all very blessed.”

Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan will celebrate his birthday on Thanksgiving day this year, “which doesn’t happen very often.”

“We have a large table and it’s always good to have a lot of people around it, with thankful hearts and good food,” Duncan said.

Tony Schaffer’s favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the food and getting to see all of his family get together.

“Always revolved around going to one of my aunts or grandmothers house and the entire Schaffer family gets together, eats a bunch of food until we can’t move and everyone’s about ready to nap,” said Schaffer, the executive assistant of the Huron County Chamber of Commerce.

Schaffer said Thanksgivings usually end with everyone cleaning up the dishes from the meal. His favorite memories of the holiday come from when he was young.

“I seem to remember a couple of snow-covered Thanksgivings from my childhood where everyone’s bundled up inside, eating food,” Schaffer said.

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