Leaking pipe leads to Safety Town classes moving

Cary Ashby • Jun 26, 2018 at 5:00 PM

The remaining sessions of Safety Town this week in Norwalk will be held at League Elementary due to a leaking pipe in another school building.

Safety Town had been held at Main Street School.

“There was an old, cast-iron pipe behind a drinking fountain that developed a leak (Monday),” Norwalk City Schools Superintendent George Fisk said.

As a result, the water had to be turned off at Main Street School. Fisk said the leak was found, the district scheduled a plumber to repair it and as far as he knows, the students were moved to League without any issues.

“They are working on it now,” the superintendent said Tuesday. “We couldn’t host Safety Town without any water.”

Norwalk Police Officer Dave Daniels leads Safety Town.

“I’m sure he just rolled with it and put on a good program for the students,” Fisk said.

During the classes, children learn about making safe choices when crossing the street, taking action in emergency situations, fire safety, medication safety and more.

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