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North Fairfield post office, library vandalized

By COURTNEY BROWN • Jul 27, 2017 at 10:00 PM

NORTH FAIRFIELD — Both the North Fairfield post office and library were vandalized last week about the same time and children are suspected as probable culprits, said the village mayor, Joshua Radcliffe.

The post office is kept open 24 hours a day, since village residents mostly rely on post office boxes for their mail, Radcliffe said. He suspects it was easy for the unknown suspects to walk into the building late Friday night, July 21, to vandalize the place.

As for the North Fairfield Public Library, an alcove in front of the building leads to a public entrance, where the suspect(s) were able to get in.

Similar artwork and words were found at both locations. 

“I’d rather not repeat them,” Radcliffe said.

Obscene language and depictions of the male anatomy were found drawn onto the cork boards inside both locations.

The community bulletin board at the post office was also torn up and pamphlets were scattered around the lobby.

“There’s a pretty strong inclination ... this is something you’d expect from a young teen,” Radcliffe said.

The mayor mentioned the village has been having problems with curfew violations with children being outside far longer than they’re supposed to.

As such, village officials said they want more officers on patrol at night and they’re discussing the matter with Huron County Sheriff Todd Corbin.

They also are thinking about getting security cameras installed at the post office and library, Radcliffe said. As of right now, there aren’t any cameras at either locations, which made identifying the suspects difficult.

The sheriff’s office currently is investigating the vandalism case. Corbin was unavailable for comment.

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