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Climate change? Global warming?

• Dec 3, 2019 at 5:00 PM

Some scientists say there is some climate change while many other scientists say that it is a hyped-up bunch of bologna that has made a few people very rich using scare tactics.

I’m not sure who to believe, but I’m old enough to recall a number of scare tactics over the years that have encouraged radical action when it turned out to be a phony exercise to control people’s behavior. I’m all in favor of reasonable efforts to control the tremendous pollution of forest fires and keeping our waterways clean and free of plastic waste and things such as this, but some of the extreme measures are way out of line. 

One thing I do believe is that there is very little we could do to affect overall climate change even if we could convince the largest polluters such as China and India to cooperate. It is in the hands of a much higher power than any of us humans. There has been global warming and cooling for thousands of years back to the ice age and beyond and mankind has not, and I believe will not, control the temperature and climate to any significant degree. So don’t get bent out of shape over some of the hype. 


Richard Alge



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