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Parks are key to value of this city

• Oct 24, 2019 at 3:35 PM

As a local Realtor, I can attest to the significance that the Ernsthausen Community “Rec Center” brings to our city! It is one of my favorite stops, when giving community tours to potential relocation candidates who are considering a move to our area.

They are always very impressed to find such a great facility in a community our size and I love to see their look of surprise when I hand them a brochure outlining the membership fees, as it is always more affordable than what they’re expecting. We are typically competing against other communities across the state and at times across the country for these families who will buy/rent homes, shop local, use local doctors, schools, hospital, services, etc., etc. Ultimately, the economic impact of a new family in our community is much greater than one would imagine.

Facilities like this can serve generation after generation if properly maintained. The staff has done a tremendous job with the limited budget and resources at their disposal! So many kids, families, and individuals enjoy this facility, the Reservoir, Sofios Park, Jaycee Park, Stoutenburg Park and all the others.

The 1.75 mil property tax levy for Maintenance and Operations on the Nov. 5th, 2019 ballot is the same millage as what is currently collected, but at today’s value: The currently levies of 0.8 mils (1976 value), 0.3 mils (1990 value), and 0.65 mils (2018 value) would no longer be collected. There would only be one renewal levy every 5 years, rather than multiple levies at different times. The cost to the average owner of a $100,000 home would be $26.59/year (or $19.95/year after Homestead Exemption). It takes an entire community to keep this vibrant facility and all of our city parks shining … vote yes.

Frank Van Dresser


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