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Vote for park and rec levy

• Oct 15, 2019 at 11:00 AM

I would encourage your support for the Norwalk Parks and Recreation Property Tax Levy on Nov. 5. This levy will replace three other levies that amount to the same millage but would be updated to today's value. The effect is that these will bring in additional funds.

It costs money every time you go to the polls and this will be more efficient and less repetitive. The new monies collected will amount to an increase of about 50 cents a week for most of us. This will be used to offset rising costs such as Workman's Comp., hopitalization and healthcare. They continue to escallate each year and over time signifcantly deplete the budget. Without additional resources, it is impossible to continue to offer the quality and quantity of activities, parks and facilities that Norwalk has been accustomed to.

Quality programs are vital to a strong community; they promote civic pride and are a draw for both residents and the business community. Communities with strong programs report reduced crime, improved health and general wellness of their population.

The Norwalk Parks and Recreation Department has provided outstanding programs and facilities for Norwalk for years and their intention is to continue to do so. 

Ken Leber


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