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I am not the 'mole' you made me out to be

• Aug 27, 2019 at 11:41 AM

Editor’s note: Marilyn Dillon recently was removed as a board member of The Enrichment Centers for Huron County.

After speaking to the postman on Saturday, I asked if there was any letter that might have not been delivered.

He was not the driver of our route on Saturday, Aug 10, but he promised to ask at the post office to see if there had been a letter left for me and if it had been delivered. Today in the mail was the letter with Ralph Seward’s return address on it. I have not opened it yet but I am sure that the letter removing me from the board is inside it.

Furthermore you can not be "fired" from a volunteer position. Just letting all the board members know that I did not received that letter until today. I will not question that Ralph left it on Sat, Aug 10, because unlike other people I take Ralph at his word. (Of course there have been enough days since the board meeting that a letter could have been slipped in the mail and gotten here today).

I want this board to know that, yes you did find a letter on Roxanne's computer with two other names on it after I told everyone on the board that I was no longer playing this hush hush ambush her from behind game. But until such time that I finally announced that I was done with that nonsense and the board was not being constructive in the manner in which they were going about fixing the issues at the center I did not share any of those so called secretive meetings with anyone at the center.

You have among you, someone else who also thinks the way Roger and I do, that this board is not professional. And, yes, I think Ellen Simmons should remove herself from this board because even if you live 500 feet from the line you live in another county. The by-laws are the by-laws. And, Ellen, when you sent me an apology for accusing me of being the "mole" (find word for a professional group) you were right to do so. I was not the individual who immediately went out and shared the news with Roxanne.

Marilyn Dillon


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