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Don't find fault with Senior Center; come with solutions

• Jul 31, 2019 at 4:00 PM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Pat Moffatt of Norwalk.

After reading your “Our View” column of Friday, July 26, I am forced to respond.

First off, the Senior Center does NOT have a levy on the ballot this fall, but we are very grateful for the passage of last year’s levy that helps to support our meals on wheels program and transportation system.

Our seniors and those of you are fast approaching your senior years have supported this community and county with tax dollars and support for our city services, schools, police, fire and sheriffs for many years. They don’t deserve to have to listen to the fault finding and rehashing of the board’s decisions’.

We have two very good people at the helm of the senior center and all of the activities and programs are on tract and running smoothly.

The board is working hard to find a solution to our building issues that is both economical and supports the needs of our seniors. At the same time we are also looking for a director that will help us to lead the center in the right direction for many future years to come.

So instead of finding fault, why don’t you try to come up with some suggestions and solutions to help us?

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