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Another successful Mapletree Road Race

• Jul 24, 2019 at 4:00 PM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Mark and Pam Bellamy, who are Mapletree Road Race directors.

The Mapletree Road Race Planning Team thanks the Norwalk Community …

Our July 4 Mapletree Road Race team executed its 3rd “4 miles on the 4th.” We would like to thank numerous organizations whose support continues to make this event successful.

A heartfelt thank you to Sharpnack Chevrolet and all of our Sponsors; the Norwalk Police, Fire and Safety organizations; Huron County Fairgrounds team; the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce; the Norwalk Reflector, event volunteers; parade spectators as well as the community at large; and the Business Club.

The Mapletree Road Race started as a simple idea … to create an avenue for our young adults to give back to their community while building fundraising expertise. What has evolved is a first class event that has brought our entire community together to support local education, physical fitness, team spirit and patriotism.

Did you know? …

• Students … the “Business Club”… are engaged in the planning of the event from January through July 4.

• Business Club students learn and apply various aspects of sales, marketing, advertising, finance (budgeting), fundraising, logistics, project management and team building skills throughout the planning horizon.

• The Mapletree Road Race t-shirt contest encourages our community to share their creativity by submitting artwork on which the community is invited to vote for the winning T-shirt.

• The 2019 event hosted 267 runners, walkers and ruckers (our service men and women who carry backpacks while walking).

• 45 volunteers commit their time and energy to making this event successful.

• Our website … mapletreeroadrace.weebly.com … details our history, mission and photos.

Thank you to all Norwalk parade spectators who line the race route … yes, anxiously awaiting your favorite floats, marching bands and family participants … while cheering on our racers focused on crossing the finish line … your spirit helps them beat the heat.

We will see you next year … July 4, 2020.

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