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Time to stand up for unborn children

• Mar 5, 2019 at 11:00 AM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Huron County of Republican Party.

U.S. Senate Republicans, along with three Democrats, voted to end infanticide Feb. 25 by voting yes on a measure that protected children who survive abortion attempts.

Sadly, the measure failed to get the required 60 votes as 44 Democrats believe killing a baby is OK as long as a woman has the right to choose.

Among the 44 who voted no — Ohio's own Sherrod Brown, a potential 2020 presidential candidate.

Brown, much like President Donald Trump, turned to Twitter to get his opinion out.

He stated "Women should have the freedom to make personal, private health decisions, and those decisions should be between them and their doctors, not their legislators. That's true today, and every day."

Sadly, Brown and the Democrats missed the point of the bill.

Brown claimed the bill would "take choice away from women." He stated it was "Mitch McConnell playing games again."

However, this legislation had no impact on the practice of abortion or the precedent set down by Roe v. Wade. Simply put it ensured children born alive after an attempted abortion receive the medical care necessary to survive.

It's time for Brown, and other Democrats, to stop supporting their own interests in Washington and stand up for the rights of unborn children.

Game time is over — it's time to make American great again.

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