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Dr. Dave is a one-of-a-kind dentist who will be missed

• Dec 21, 2018 at 2:00 PM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Scott Ford of Norwalk:

In one’s lifetime you meet countless people. Many you keep as friends and acquaintances but most fade from your memory. If you’re fortunate you meet a best friend. Rarely however do you meet a person who is larger than life.

Just such a person exists here in Norwalk. His name is Dr. Dave Heidelberg.

Dr. “Dave,” as he is referred to by his patients, is retiring from dental practice with Dr. Bart Colahan. Over the decades of his practice Dr. Dave has treated thousands of people. This skilled and compassionate human being sees patients who come to see him as people first and not a number in the system.

A stop to see Dr. Dave is an experience in itself. The dental care you receive from Dr. Colahan and Dr. Dave is absolutely top rate. Dr. Dave, in particular, provides a truly memorable experience. His ability to speak and sing in two different ranges at the same time is incredible. No one has a better sense of humor. He can brighten your day like no others.

I, along with the countless others fortunate enough to have experienced his incredible dental skill and friendship, will miss Dr. Dave. I understand his desire to spend more time with his wonderful wife and children. He’s there for his family now but retirement will give him the “extra” time he wishes to spend with his growing family.

The phrase, “You’ll be missed.” can be overused. Not in this case. Dr. Dave is that “larger than life person” who will be truly missed.

On behalf of your countless friends and patients I wish you every good fortune that life can bring. Thank you for your kindness, skill, infinite patience, warm personality, and basic human decency.

God bless you and your family Dr. Dave.

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