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New fire station is 'ringing endorsement' of faith in community

• Nov 27, 2018 at 11:00 AM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Deborah Seaman and Scott Ford of Norwalk.

We recently attended the open house for the new fire station. What a magnificent accomplishment for all the citizens of Norwalk.

Simply put, the original 1912 fire station had outlived its time. It was a building built for horse-drawn fire equipment that was expected to accommodate modern trucks. Watching today’s firemen back current trucks into the old building was a real nail-biter for any observer. The 106-year-old building can now be used for storage or some similar purpose.

An accomplishment such as the new fire station represents the best about our community. A deep appreciation goes out to so many people who made the new station possible. It all began with the Blue Ribbon Committee which established the need for a new structure. Next came the approval by the voters to use money in a special fund for the building of the facility. We’re especially proud of the voters of Norwalk who had the foresight to approve the funding of the project. Eventually this was followed by financial and material contributions from companies, businesses, government officials, and individual community members who stepped forward to help. The new building is a reality that meets a very important safety need now and into the future.

On any project of this magnitude there is always someone who leads. It is Norwalk’s good fortune to have had just such a person. The city was blessed to have Chief John Soisson in the exact position to undertake the job. He did a magnificent job of guiding the construction of the building from the ground breaking to the ribbon cutting. It was almost impossible to drive by the construction of the fire house and not notice him there seeing that everything was on track. Above all others he is owed a special debt of gratitude.

The completion of this public structure is a tribute to everyone in this city. It is a ringing endorsement of the faith we have in the Norwalk community. Our dedicated firemen now have been provided with a place where they can work and feel a real sense of pride. They deserve no less. These are individuals who daily put their lives on the line for each and every one of us.

Congratulations to everyone for turning a long-sought dream into a reality. You did it. Thanks to all.

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