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Churches band together to help community

• Updated Aug 27, 2018 at 4:23 PM

Norwalk churches enjoy a stellar reputation for getting involved in our community. The congregations really do care for those less fortunate.

Saturday, Aug. 11, stands as yet another example of the Christian faith in action. On that date, five local churches (Norwalk Alliance, Oasis, Foundation, First Baptist and the Chapel) joined together to implement a program called Love Norwalk. Each church gathered items for the event. Through the efforts of more than 100 church volunteers the following items were distributed to those in the community who were in need: book bags, socks, soap, and tooth paste/brushes. Items and services provided during the event included: water, hot dogs, french fries, Gideon Bibles, haircuts, face painting, devotional music, a prayer tent and a bounce house for the children.

Other organizations that joined in to help included Abigail Ministries, A.C.T. (cooked the hot dogs), Hope Restored (family mediation) and Berardi’s (supplied the fry trailer and trained the helpers).

At the end of the event between 1,500 and 2,000 residents had been served. More than 220 individuals shared the gospel. More than 400 backpacks were distributed. More than 250 pounds of potatoes were consumed.

This entire event was made possible due to the congregations of local churches reaching out to help others in need. They put into action the teachings of Christ in a very real and substantial way.

Congratulations to everyone who got involved. On Saturday, Aug. 11, you lived your faith when you went into the streets of Norwalk to help others. God bless you all.

Scott Ford


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