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Now this is really fake news

• Updated Jun 28, 2018 at 12:40 PM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Marsha Harris of Norwalk:

I finally understand what fake news really is: Shelbia Downing’s letters to the editor.

Not one sentence in your letter is correct. Anyone can take a verse from the Bible and put their own spin on it. Did you take the verses before and after to fully understand? Did you research what you wrote?

I don’t think you want to be a hateful person, I just think you are very misinformed about the Bible.

I hope you will get into a good Bible study in one of the churches in and around Norwalk.

Ask questions. Get a study Bible and read it.

Do these things for yourself and the rest of us who have to read the same rhetoric over and over again.

With some Bible education, you might be able to write a beautiful letter like Angela Organ. 

“Peace, Be Still.”

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