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We are tearing ourselves apart

By Richard Missler • Mar 9, 2018 at 9:00 AM

There has been Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland. ... All youth shooters, that were first sports’ shooting — video games, paintball, gun ranges and gun camps. They are in a matrix of glory violence, means to carry it out, NRA preached paranoia based on people differences, an easy clean quick kill work ethic and the path of least resistance to a grandiose self concept.

Ill yes, idiots yes. But responding to idiot NRA ideology. And there are more on the way because this weaponization of the cultural fabric has left an entire generation, pre-school through graduate school, “under the gun” and necessarily paranoid of everyday life.

We are so far whacked out that “law abiding” citizens, the so-called NRA “good guys,” are purchasing assault weapons and errupting into mass killers. The calling card habitually left is — “Have gun will unravel.” The vortex of violence NRA solution is for the other law-abiding citizens to uparm and kill the first group of law abiding citizens. This is not civilization, it is a recipe for anarchy.

The NRA has trapped us in a “shot or be shot” vortex. NRA gun restrictions in the United States are not based on the preponderance of evidence, or even beyond a reasonable doubt, but on beyond any possible doubt, which of course is impossible.

NRA constitutional thinking is that but one of the amendments predominates the others and is to be apexed as an override to the Constitution itself. The NRA ideology is a second amendment virus. It is an anytime/anywhere, everybody/everything flu. The costs to the economy are enormous — Parkland has to demolish a building and consider stadium and arena security. Single incidents reverberate across the states. Can you imagine having to tear down our high school. The fatalities would devastate the entire region, literally crumbling all of us.

The gun debate truth grades are in. Teachers get an A+ for saying they care about kids and then protecting them front line and first responder wise.

The NRA flunks for espousing fake views of the second amendment that distort the balances methodology of the constitutional wrangling in the conventions. The second was carved out of frontier realities and age old concepts of war weaponry and regimentation. The founding fathers could not have forseen the “well regulated” local, state, and national security systems we have in modern times. The citizen “militas” in today’s world are a disorder.

The pro gun politicians, mostly vehemently prolife, go to any length to protect life in the womb, but not the children out of the womb. How do you grade on life?

We dealt with the tobacco industry’s smoking culture and youth marketing. And gun suppliers are beginning to see NRA dislogic for what it is —obstinate refusal of common sense (aka as*ho*es).

The downtown Norwalk NRA gun outlet is misnamed. This is the “Kids’ Place” always has been. They grade out as F for lying about providing assault weapon automaticity and gun show loopholes. They sell military assault weaponry which is an upgrade of what the Parkland school shooter used. It is on par with that in the Vegas concert ultra massacre. Gun shows are an opportunity for criminals and mental defectives to purchase assault weapons under the radar. The shows also launder murder weapons for profit and undercut prosecutions needing weapons evidence. Shame on the county commission for allowing this to occur at the fairgrounds.

So while the NRA points its finger at “idiots” as being the problem, who are the underlying idiots of the gun culture and its mayhem? Idiots have perversions of sense. The NRA capitalizes on this for cents — penny a child.

P.S. — Samples of NRA unbalanced thought. 

Hitler’s grandon is running for president and will confiscate all guns in the U.S. The Taliban will storm through your door in a firefight over your T.V. Monroeville will fall to Islamic state. Boko Haram plans on kidnapping your daughter, and the N word folks in Cleveland are on their way to burn and loot.

Actually no one will have to tear us apart, we are doing it to ourselves, with the American brand of terrorism and extremist ideology.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Richard Missler is a Norwalk resident and frequent contributor to the Reflector editorial page.

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