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Daily auto service to be established locally

• Jan 7, 2020 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in The Daily Reflector on Jan. 7, 1908:


To be established between Norwalk and New London in the spring

Discouraged by their unsuccessful efforts made to secure an interurban railway between Norwalk and New London, via Olena and Fitchville, a number of prominent men of New London and Fitchville are planning to organize and incorporate a company to operate a daily interurban automobile service between the two places. The project has been developed to such an extent that it is likely that it will be put into operation early in the spring.

Nearly all the men interested int he project are merchants of Fitchville and New London.

The present plan is to purchase a forty-horse-power automobile with a seating capacity for fifteen people, besides a compartment in which to carry baggage and parcels to be delivered along the route. Two round trips will be made daily, excepting Sundays, the year round, between Norwalk and New London, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, the car to leave New London or Norwalk early in the morning on the first trip and soon after the noon hour on its second trip.


Left all his property to his four sons

The late Theodore Williams, whose death occurred last Monday evening at his home on East Main Street, died intestate, leaving his large estate to be shared equally among his four sons: Edward T., James H., Theodore Jr., and Walter R. Williams.

Mr. Williams left a vast amount of valuable real estate in Huron and Ottawa counties, Toledo, Cleveland and Kansas. The total value of his real estate is $400,000, while his personal property is valued at $6,000.

Monday the oldest son, Edward T. Williams, was appointed administrator of the estate by Probate Judge Suhr, and his bond of $9,000 was furnished by the other three brothers. Theodore WIlliams’ heirs stated Monday that the estate will not be divided, but will remain intact and will be managed by the administrator, the income to be equally divided among the four heirs.


E.S. Fentress in city

E.S. Fentress, formerly one of the proprietors of the Experiment and News, of this city, and who now is business manager of the Oklahoma City (Okla.) News arrived in Norwalk on business Monday evening. He expects to return to Oklahoma City either Tuesday evening or Wednesday.


In the garden of the lord

A human blossom beautiful and fair to look upon with happy childish prattle, with cheeks and lips sweet to kiss and the light and joy of the household, has been plucked from the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh E. Barnes, No. 2433 West Main Street, and been transplanted into the garden of God’s Paradise.
Little Mary Estelle, almost without warning, lying in her father’s arms, passed suddenly away at 3:30 Tuesday morning and the Barnes home was thus suddenly made desolate. The suddenness of death of the little one was well nigh paralyzing.

Suffering from a nervous ailment which came from an attack of measles a few weeks ago, the little one was taken with a spasm and in a moment, unexpectedly, its life went out and the child had passed into an eternal sleep, clasped to its father’s breast. Monday the home was full of childish glee, today there is the husk and sadness of death.
Had Estelle lived until Feburary 20th, she would have been two years of age. All sympathize deeply with Mr. and Mrs. Barnes in their very said bereavement. Funeral rites will be observed Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Rev. H.S. Powell officiating.


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