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Flour supply to consumers is limited

• Dec 28, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Dec. 28, 1917:


Go to Church to be slogan of new year

“Go to Church Sunday” has long been almost a nationwide cry. And the Reflector-Herald is going to try a 18-week campaign of it in Norwalk the coming new year.

Casual conversation with many of the ministers of the city have shown an unanimity of desire of their part that there be a concerted movement So this paper has arranged to have a local Sermonette — a short, concise talk, bristling with local interests — written by local ministers and one of those will be printed each week for 18 weeks. Sect, creed or dogma cuts no ice in such a campaign. The idea is to go to SOME church — pick out your own. If there is any proselytizing, you do it yourself, on yourself...

...The formation of the weekly page has been placed in the hands of Miss Ruth Acker, who is now calling on the ministers and business men and arranging details. It should prove a most interesting page, and a campaign, it is to be hoped, not without results.


Flour supply to consumers is limited

Flour consumers in Norwalk and Huron County will hereafter be sold by grocers and millers no flour in excess of their reasonable requirements or in advance of three days’ delivery. No farmer can exchange wheat for flour or feed not wanted, delivered in 30 days, unless he is credited on the miller’s books in dollars and cents and at the time of delivery pays the current price.

This action is being taken as a result of an order received from the local administration. It does not mean that a flour famine is threatened but in a means of conserving flour and of preventing people from putting away a bigger supply than is needed.


Frozen ponds make good sport

Scores of young folks are enjoying the skating at the Lais pond and Willow Brook. The ice at both places is in fine shape and as smooth as glass. The present cold wave has frozen it deeper and it is now as safe and hard as can be. The moonlight nights are alluring many parties to try the ice. Up at Wakeman above the dam on the Vermilion River, the skating is superb and skaters are traveling almost as far as Fitchville on the river. Dealers report brisk demand for ice skates.


Meyers funeral to be held Sunday

The body of William Meyers, whose death occurred early Thursday morning, has been removed from his late residence, 12 Grand Avenue, to Laible and Brady’s undertaking parlors where it may be viewed by friends. Funeral services will be held form Laible and Brady’s chapel Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock.

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