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Sheriff admits he was jay walking when hit by car

• Dec 24, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Dec. 24, 1950:


Sheriff admits he was jay walking when hit by car

“I admit I was in the wrong and I am ready to make a public statement,” Huron County Sheriff Harry Broome confessed today

Sheriff Broome admitted that he had been jay walking Wednesday evening opposite the court house when he was struck by a car, the driver of which he failed to identify. The sheriff said the car struck him on the posterior and sent him sprawling, even knocking off one of his shoes.

He suffered multiple bruises but was not incapacitated.

The law officer hoped the driver reads this statement which exonerates him of blame. He said he sent the driver on his way after he had helped him to his feet.


Christmas dance event on Thursday

The annual Christmas dance sponsored by the Evening Guild of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church will be held Thursday evening Dec. 28, from nine o’clock on at the Parish House with Rod Faulhaber’s Orchestra playing.

The list of patrons and patronesses for the dance follows:

Mr. and Mrs. Al Amto, Mr. and Mrs. Make Angelas, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Angell, Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Barnhart, Miss Janice Burdue, Rev. and Mrs. D.B. Cordes, Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Dimon, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dudley.

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Edel, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Freeman, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gill, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. John Laible, Mr. and Mrs. Shelton Laning, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Metzger, Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Norworthy, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peckham, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pickett.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sayers, Mr. and Mrs. John Schauss, Dr. and Mrs. E.F. Shutts, Mr. and Mrs. John Stoneham, Mr. Robert Stoneham, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Strutton, Mr. and Mrs. James Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Zink.



A well known Norwalk resident was out in her yard Sunday morning saying “Dammit, Dammit” repeatedly, when her husband came out and said he thought she had better stop carrying on like that or the neighbors would think something was radically wrong. Convulsed with laughter, she told her worried spouse “I am only calling our son’s dog,” The son, who had come home from college the night before, had not informed his father of his pet’s name.


Undefeated Fremont nips Norwalk

Undefeated Fremont Ross invaded Norwalk last Saturday night and extended their victory string to five when they edged the Norwalk High Truckers 74 to 63.

In defeating Coach Grant Walls’ stalwarts, Fremont had to extend themselves to the fullest and it was only their height, plus a certain amount of technique learned on the grid field, which spelled the margin of victory. The Truckers, who have shown consistent improvement as the season progressed, played an excellent brand of ball and frequently caught the Rossmen flatfooted to sing in easy bunny and lay-in shots. If the Truckers had been more accurate from the free throw line, they might even have won. Out of 25 tries they were able to sink only nine, while their opponents hit 23 out of 39 attempts.

High men for theTruckers were Jim Poth, who led with 15; Bob Boyer, 12, and Bob Beveridge, 11. Farve racked up 25 for the visitors.



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