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Blast from the Past: Ed Gregory has been city fireman for 30 years

• Dec 18, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Dec. 18, 1919


Ed Gregory has been city fireman for thirty years

How many know that deputy Sheriff Ed Gregory is assistant fire chief? Such is a fact and the position is no soft snap. It is necessary for Mr. Gregory to keep an accurate account of all fires and to make a record of the losses, insurance and other particulars. Mr. Gregory has been identified with the fire department since 1889 and has been assistant to Chief Ralph Brown about 15 years.


Husband says wife hit him with club

When Eupharus R. Fulper, Willard mail messenger, was kicked and struck with a club by his wife, he did not object so much but drew the line when she left home for three weeks at a time and refused to disclose where she had been.

This information was given in a divorce petition filed here today by the husband, through his attorney, Leonard S. Wise.

The plaintiff avers he is employed as a messenger on the B and O Ry between Chicago and Pittsburgh at $150 a month. His work, he explains, keeps him away from home several days at a time. The marriage took place on Oct. 25, 1918. There are no children. Fulper asks for divorce and other relief.


Divorce is asked by Maud M. Hirbe

In a divorce petition filed here, Mrs. Maud M. Hirbe has brought suit for divorce against Harry T. Hirbe. The marriage took place in Norwalk in 1904 and there are five children. According to thew wife, she has been mistreated, nagged and insulted by the defendant. At one time, declares the wife, Hirbe was put under bond at Dayton to keep peace following charges made by her.


Cigar trade booms since drys won out

When the state became dry last May, most of Norwalk cigar makers were under the impression that their business would suffer greatly because of the closing of the saloons. But according to reports from the five local factories, the concerns have all the business they can attend to. One of the dealers reports that it is no longer necessary for him to spend a big share of his profits treating.


Mail carriers are required to serve on Christmas day

Complaint was made through the public forum columns of the Reflector-Herald the other day to the effect that mail carriers are required to serve on Christmas day.

Postmaster Andrew Hiss calls attention to the fact that the postal regulations specify that carriers must carry mail on Christmas although they are granted holidays on New Year’s., Decoration Day, July 4, Labor Day and Thanksgiving. It is also mentioned that mail carriers are granted 15 days vacation each year with full pay.



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