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Shoe imprint brings back stolen money

• Dec 17, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Dec. 17, 1919


Shoe imprint brings back stolen money

The fresh imprint of a brand new rubber shoe on a sack of cement enabled the authorities to arrest Emery M. RIchardson, about 45, at Greenwich yesterday on the charge of taking $1,694.77 from P.A. Poulalion, a contractor of Akron.

Richardson confessed. All the money was being recovered.

The account of the affair as narrated by authorities is interesting. Sheriff Clyde O. Roose was informed of the theft just as he was about to leave for Toledo to serve as a witness in moonshine cases. He instructed Deputy Ed Gregory to make the investigation and deputized Patrolman Frank Adelman as an assistant.

While the officers were at work on the case, Adelman noticed the imprint of a rubber shoe upon a cement bag in the cement house used in connection with the building of the new rubber factory at Greenwich. It was noted that there was not enough room for a man to stand on the bag without stooping and it dawned upon Adelman that whoever had stood on the bag was not in the building to remove cement. The officer explained his hunch to Marshall Earl Evans and the latter climbed upon the cement bag to a point near the roof. Evans reached his hand near the top of the building and uttered an exclamantion of surprise. He drew out a fist full of paper money. More paper money was drawn out until more than $1,600 was secured.  Later the officers found about $50 in coins and bills unde rthe railway platform. 

RIchardson had not been arrested when the money was found in the cement house. After being brought to the scene of his “plant,” Adelman stood before him with the money in his hands. The officer told Richardson it might be easier for the latter if he told the truth. In a few minutes, Richardson confessed and later led the officers to a place in a corn field where a key was found.


Kiwanis club elects directors at joyous session

Today was the annual election of the Norwalk Kiwanis Club. From the 22 highest names votes on in last week’s primary, the new board of eleven directors were chosen as follows: W.H. Griffin, J.H. Cox, Fred Cook, G.S. Stewart, C.H. Gross, R.D. Wickham, F.G. Jones, I.W. Goodell, B.B. Wood, W.R. Pruner and R.C. Snyder.


Norwalk score booklet

Norwalk High School has published a score booklet for the use of basketball fans. The publication was prepared under the direction of Jack Laylin, Harland Rouzer and Ainsle Hough. Besides pages on which to keep score, there is much interesting information concerning previous basketball records, etc. All persons holding season tickets will receive a booklet free of charge. They will probably be distributed at the next home game.


Boy is shot

Luie Gingo, 12-year-old boy who was accidentally shot in the knee by a 22 caliber rifle will suffer no ill effects from the accident, according to his physician. The boy was taken to a Willard hospital, It is not known who fired the bullet.


Former Norwalk man would fill Herrmann’s shoes

John B. Foster, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank Foster, once prominent residents of Norwalk, is a candidate for the chairmanship of the National baseball commission to succeed August Herrmann, resigned. After serving seven years as secretary of the New York Giants, Mr. Foster has been succeeded by Joe D. O’Brien of Milwaukee.

Formerly, Mr. Foster was sporting editor of the Cleveland Leader.

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