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Mrs. Abbie Hawley, beloved woman, called by death

• Dec 9, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Dec. 9 1928:


Mrs. Abbie Hawley, beloved woman is called by death

One of Norwalk’s most beloved and very finest women was called by death when Mrs. Abbie Riley Hawley peacefully passed away Saturday at midnight at her home, 37 W. Main St., after a long illness.

The passing of this much respected and worthy matron will bring grief upon the very large number of persons who knew her. On Sept. 12, Mrs. Hawley was forced to take to her bed. Since that time she had been in a serious condition and her alarming illness and suffering had been the source of much regret among her relatives and her large circle of friends.

Mrs. Hawley was born in Norwalk and had spent her entire life here. She was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Riley, very estimable pioneer residents of Irish extraction. Twenty-eight years ago last August, Mrs. Hawley was married to Dr. E.N. Hawley, a noted Norwalk physician, who passed away on April 19 of this year.

Mrs. Hawley was educated in the city schools of Norwalk. In maturity she developed the worthy career that was predicted for her in the period of her sweet and charming girlhood. Charitably inclined from an early age, Mrs. Hawley devoted a large share of her efforts toward casting sunshine into the hearts of others and in all charitable works she made a strong effort to withhold the information of her good deeds from the public.

Mrs. Hawley is survived by her son, Edwin Hawley, a medical student of The Ohio State University; the grandchild, Mary Alice Hawley; the brother, Thomas Riley; the nieces, Mrs. Herman Fritz of Norwalk, Mrs. Melssner, wife of Dr. Henry Melssner of Chicago; Mrs. Andrew McGuan of Toledo; Mrs. John Miller of Massillon, Mrs. David Morris of Brewster; Mrs. John West of Urichsville; Mrs. WIlliam Mooney of Cleveland and the nephew, Frank O’Connell of Pittsburgh. John Riley and the following sisters are dead: Mrs. Charles Morgan, Mrs. Rose O’Connell and Mrs. Mary Edwards.

Mrs. Hawley was a devout member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and was prominently identified with organizations of the parish.


Willard hospital must be built in city limits

The $60,000 hospital ordinance now before the city council at Willard stipulates that the establishment is to be built within the corporate limits of the municipality. The bond issue form states that the hospital is to be so located.

Ed. A. Evans, clerk of council, has asked all who have sites to offer to make written application in order that the offers may be presented at tonight’s council meeting.


Celebrate 65th wedding anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. B.C. Clark, 425 East Main St., well known and highly esteemed residents of this city, are celebrating a happy event today, the occasion being their sixty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark were married in Margaretta, Ohio on December 10, 1863. After living in Margaretta for a time, they moved to Chicago where Mr. Clark was employed in the custom service. About ten years ago Mr. Clark retired and with his wife moved from Chicago to Norwalk. They built a cozy little home on East Main where they still reside. Mr. and Mrs. Clark have two sons, Glen, living at home, and Harry Clark, who resides at Pontiac, Michigan, one granddaughter, Miss Hazel Clark, lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Predicts white race will brown

CHICAGO (UP) — The prediction that the white race eventually will turn brown was made today by Dr. Morris Fishbein, editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

“Exposure to ultra-violet rays increases resistance to disease,” he said. “Exposure over prolonged periods will tan the skin to such a degree that in the course of ages the pigment will be inherited and we’ll become a brown-skinned race.”



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