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Mad dog bites nine animals before it's shot

• Dec 6, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Dec. 6, 1928:


Mad dog bites nine animals before it’s shot

Information reached by Dr. B.C. Pilkey, County Health Commissioner yesterday, that a dog infected with rabies and belonging in Lorain County, had made a tour  through Clarksfield Township and had bitten several dogs. Dr. Pilkey and County Dog Warden Clark made an investigation and found eight dogs and one pig had been bitten, in the vicinity of Clarksfield Hollow. No doubt a number of other animals have been bitten by this rabid one, as he had been traced for twenty miles.

The County Board of Health meets this afternoon and no doubt a resolution according to Sec. 5652-16 will be passed, placing a quarantine on all dogs in Clarksfield Township for a period of four weeks. In such cases, it is the duty of the County Dog Warden to enforce the quarantine. Dogs in Lorain County will also be quarantined today. The rabid dog was shot by a citizen of Clarksfield.


Suicide is indicated in Willard case

Mrs. Ada Talbert, 44, died Wednesday morning at Willard at the home of E.A. Carpenter. The circumstances of the case are said to indicate suicide. A news dispatch from Willard says:

The woman is believed to have taken her own life because of despondency. About 7 o’clock Mrs. Talbert, who was a housekeeper at the Carpenter home, called Mr. Carpenter for breakfast. As Carpenter came from his room, the woman reeled and fell. A physician was summoned and found that Mrs. Talbert’s death was due to strychnine poisoning.

Because death had not yet occurred at the time of the arrival of the physician, the Huron County Coroner was not called, and no verdict other than that death was due to strychnine poisoning, has been given. It is known, however, that she purchased the strychnine several days ago.


Foster is an old Huron County boy

John Foster, who enlightened the Kiwanis Club members with his talk at the luncheon today, is an old Huron County boy. He was born and raised over near New London, and all his youth was spent at Clarksfield, where his father, also John Foster, was a prominent farmer. 

He married a former Norwalk girl and they now dwell in Massillon, where he makes his home and headquarters. He is engineman of the fastest freight on the W. & L. E. Ry. that runs from Brewster to Toledo and goes through Norwalk daily. Mrs. C.C. Freeman of this city is his sister.


Judson Perrin laid to rest in Milan Tuesday

The funeral of Judson Perrin was held at the Presbyterian Church in Milan on Tuesday afternoon conducted by Rev. Geo. McKay and was attended by a large number of relatives and friends.

Judson Perrin, the youngest and last of 11 children of Gurdin and Polly Perrin, was born in Milan, Ohio, July 16, 1843 and died December 1, 1928, having always resided on the same farm.

He was united in marriage with Miss Hannah Benedict, March 28, 1867. Mr. Perrin died thirty-two years ago.
He taught school for many winters in Berlinville, East Norwalk and other nearby districts. He also spent many years in Sunday School work, serving first as assistant superintendent and then as superintendent of the Milan Presbyterian Sunday School and also conducting afternoon Sunday school.


Kiwanis club puts ticket in field today

At today’s meeting of the Kiwanis Club, officers were nominated. The election is to be held next Thursday.

J.H. Coxe and C.H. Hill were nominated for president. The club will elect a president next Thursday and ten of the following nominated today for directors will also be elected that day:

Rev. C.P. Barnes, H.S. Bowen, Rex F. Bracy, Judge Irving Carpenter, J.H. Coxe, A.W. Dairs, R.E. Fader, John A. Fischer, P.H. Fulstow, G.A. Hankins, C.H. Hill, Dr. W.W. Lawrence, C.W. Montgomery, C.C. Patterson, R.R. Robertson, Rev. W.H. Schields, Dr. D.W. Stoup, G.A. Stoutenberg, C.E. Tucker and D.A. White.



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