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TV dish supporters fight city proposal

• Dec 5, 2019 at 8:00 PM


The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector on Dec. 5, 1984:


TV dish supporters fight city proposal

Opponents of a proposed city law banning satellite dish television receivers from Norwalk’s front yards contended Tuesday night that the city has no right to decide what looks good in a person’s yard.

Bob Carleton, owner of Carleton’s Television and Stereo, said such a law could open a “Pandora’s box” of unreasonable requirements in the name of public taste. He said some people might not like the way dishes look, but “aesthetics” alone are not a good enough reason to restrict them.

Council voted 5-1 on the ordinance in its first meeting, with second ward councilman Harry Gilbert dissenting. A public hearing on the issue is Jan. 8 at 8 p.m., during the first regular council meeting of 1985, to get public reaction.

“I don’t think we should put too many restrictions on what people can do with their property,” said the soft-spoken Gilbert. “If my neighbor put a satellite dish up, it wouldn’t bother me.”


Letter to the editor: Rights violation

Time for a short quiz, class. It has only one question — All the following regimes violate basic human rights in the same way:

A. Soviet Russia

B. Poland

C. East Germany

D. New York State

What is that way?

The answer: They all require their citizens to buckle seat belts against the wishes of an overwhelming majority of their drivers.

If too many of us fail to make our wishes known to our state legislators, how long will it be before the same things happens here?

James E. Martin,





St. Paul student wins award

Winner of the St. Paul’s High School Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation Competition is Kathryn Anne Reynolds, daughter of Frederic and Carol Reynolds of 3 Southgate Dr.

Kathy will be eligible to attend a State Leadership Seminar on the American Incentive System.

Kathy was chosen for the award based on her application demonstrating her leadership ability, sensitivity and concern for others.

Other participants were Christine Smith, David Ott, Sarah Kocher, Mark Volcheck, Becky Nickoli, Jenny Foster, Tom Stoll and Chris Kacmrasky.


Willard beats Norwalk

Norwalk — Four players scored in double figures Tuesday night to lead Willard past Norwalk 62-39 in a Northern Ohio League girls’ basketball game.

Sandy Stephens with 12 points and Tracy Beamer, Lisa Faulhaber and Pam Magers with 10 each led the Wilalrd attack. Missy Didion with 16 points and Michelle Kochis with 10 paced the Truckers.



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