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Survey shows support lacking for Sunday close law enforcement

• Nov 30, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Reflector-Herald on Nov. 30, 1962:


Survey shows support lacking for Sunday close law enforcement

For whom will the ministers of Norwalk be speaking tonight when they ask the law enforcement officers of Huron County to start enforcing the present Sunday closing laws? Nine of eleven local residents said in an interview yesterday it would not be them.

Unanimous agreement on the confusion of the present law was reached by all interviewed in the random sampling of public opinion, but two women thought the ministers were helping to clarify the situation. The others interviewed said they did not consider the defeat of the Lawson Amendment a mandate for enforcing the law and did not support the ministers in their present action.

Don Robertson, Huron County Commissioner, explained why he is against attempting to enforce the present law: “Nine of ten people who went to the polls and voted for or against the Lawson Amendment did not understand what they were voting for or fully appreciate what the results would be if the law were enforced. I don’t think the Sheriff’s Department should go out and make arrests until we have a very, very concise clarification of what constitutes a violation.”


Crowds jam downtown for Christmas activities

Throngs of humanity jammed downtown Norwalk last night for the festivities ushering in the Christmas shopping season.

Every available parking space along the streets in the municipal lots, as well as in the free lot on Water Street, was filled.

Crowds surged into retail establishments for drawings of merchandise. Proprietors of the Patrick-Hiss men’s store estimate 800 people were on hand for their drawing. The crowd filled the store and entrance way and extended east on Main Street to the Kaiser-Rexall Drug Store and west to Berry’s Restaurant.


Jim Wood back form Europe

James Wood has returned home from an extensive trip in Europe. During a two-week stay in London he visited Ruth Saladin Williams, a former Norwalkian, and Mrs. Jean Horn, a cousin of Paul Henderson.

During the London visit he received an invitation from the chief virger to sit in the choir of St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral. This famous singing group consists of 30 boys and 12 men.

Mr. Wood visited Amsterdam, Holland, Cologne, the Rhine Valley area and Weisbaden in Germany and was a guest of the Sauer family at Nurnberg. The Sauers are relatives of Fred Sauer of Fitchville.


Flyers continue work on hardwood; wait for York next Friday night

The Norwalk St. Paul Flyers are continuing work on the hardwood in preparation for their first game Friday night when they  entertain the always tough York Panthers.

Head Coach Bob Irvin and assistant mentor Tom McClain are working with an all-senior starting five. They include: Jim Wasiniak (6-2), and Dennis Hackathorn (6-1) at the forwards, Mike Hickey (6-6) at center, and Jim Christian (6-0) and Tom Seitz (5-10) at the guards.

The forward replacements are Jim Cook (5-11) and Ken Pheifer (5-11), while Mike Ryan (6-4) will act as Hickey’s replacement at the post. The guard substitutes will be Bob Spettle (5-8) and Jerry Rospert (5-8).

Also working with the varsity and hoping to see some action are guards Gary Heller (5-7), Ray Janoco (5-10) and Tom Swick (5-11).



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