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Mrs. L.F. Scott is killed in motor wreck

• Nov 12, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Nov. 12, 1933:


Mrs. L.F. Scott is killed in motor wreck

Mrs. Lyman F. Scott, 43, formerly Laura Pierce of Wakeman, was killed, and her husband and two daughters were seriously injured, in a motor wreck on the ice-coated pavement of Center Ridge Road in Dover Village last night.

Scott’s car, after skidding, swerved to one side directly in front of a Cleveland Southwestern bus. In the terrific collions that followed, Mr. Scott was hurled upon the pavement and Mrs. Scott was buried in the wreckage. The children, Marilyan, aged 6, and Patricia, aged 9, were in the back seat.


Luther rally will be held 3 p.m. Sunday

The 450th anniversary of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther will be celebrated by the Lutheran churches of the Norwalk area at St. Peters Lutheran Church Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock instead of Sunday morning.

Jacob Schwann, prominent farmer dwelling east of town on No. 20, and a member of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, has vivid recollections of the 400th Luther anniversary celebration held in Norwalk 50 years ago. He was a young boy at that time and with his parents and family, all came in for the day from Pontiac, where they lived, which was an all-day journey over terrible roads. He says the celebration was attended by enormous crowds from all the country round-about.


Plan sale of Monroeville M.E. Church

A petition has been filed in common pleas court here asking permission for the sale of the M.E. Church property on Chapel St., in Monroeville.

Trustees in charge of the property are: H.C. Jones, A.W. Curtis, R.E. Fader, L.A. Heston and L.A. Ronk.

The petition sets forth that the members desire to join with what is known as the Congregational Community Church at Monroeville. It is mentioned that through death, the Methodist Church at Monroeville has dwindled and that remaining members are anxious to join the other religious society. The Northeast Methodist Conference has approved the sale.


Witnessed unveiling of bronze tablet

Mrs. George S. Stewart has returned home from Columbus where yesterday she witnessed the unveiling of a bronze tablet hung in the rotunda of the state capital building in recognition of Ohio women who have been prominent in the women’s suffrage movement.

A luncheon was given in the University Club and was followed by speeches given by Judge Florence Allen, Governor White, Mrs. Malcolm McBride of Cleveland and Mrs. N.M. Stanley of Dayton

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