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Dreaded eye disease here

• Oct 29, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Oct. 29, 1919:


Dread trachoma gains foothold in county

Trachoma, a dread eye disease, has made alarming gains in Huron County, according to local health authorities.

Several cases are under treatment in Norwalk and is said that the situation is most disquieting in Willard.

While the disease is very contagious it is pointed out that when patients are properly treated there is no danger of infection, particularly after the first stage has passed. Treatment consists largely in the use of a mercuric compound. The application of this drug causes a great deal of pain and makes the treatment a trying ordeal to the patient. If not properly treated it will almost certainly cause blindness.

At Willard, a number of children, suffering form trachoma, are not receiving treatment because of carelessness of the parents, it is said. Physicians say these children will doubtless lose their vision. Dr. Kreider of Monroeville, it is stated, has been called up to treat a number of cases within the last year.

Trachoma, physicians assert, has been brought to America by immigrants, particularly those from southern Europe.


Norwalk Moose to assist Legion on Armistice Day

The Moose will assist the American Legion on Armistice Day. A stand will be run by this organization, at which chrysanthemums and kewpie dolls will be sold. The lodge has already placed a large order for the flowers with the Norwalk Rose Gardens Company. Stephen Jones will look after the floral end of the stand, with Charles Daly, Peter Fuerstein, Otto Isle and C.G. Frederick as a committee to assist him.


Divorce is asked by young wife

Evelyn E. Flood, through her guardian, Sarah Phillips, has filed a petition for divorce from Ferdinance M. Flood. Mr. and Mrs. Flood were married on April 16, 1918, and have a nine months old child. The wife alleges that her husband has failed to provide and that he has threatened violence. Young and Young are attorneys for the plaintiff.


Gives informal tea for Mrs. Endly

Mrs. W.E. Gill gave an informal tea party Tuesday evening at her home on Newton Street in honor of her aunt, Mrs. C.F. Endly, of San Diego, Cal., who is visiting relatives in this city. The guests were old friends of Mrs. Endly who knew her when she was a girl in Norwalk. Covers were laid for the following named: Dr. and Mrs. Gill, Mr. and Mrs. Endly, Mrs. Charlotte W. Boalt, Mrs. F.C. Wickham, Mrs. A.J. Minard, Miss Frane White, Mrs. Jarvis G. Gibbs, Mrs. H.P. Crump, Mrs. E. W. Peters, Mrs. John Strutten, Miss Varian Boalt and Master Louis Strutton.



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