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False stairway hides liquor at Willard

• Oct 26, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Oct. 26 1926:


False stairway hides liquor at Willard

Deputy Sheriff Frank Adelman, County Road Officer Harley Vinson, Bellevue Police and two state dry agents swooped down on two liquor joints at Bellevue.

It was stated that at the home of Ambrose Killian of Railroad Ave., a barrel of mash and a still were found. And at the home of Sam Franks, a shoemaker of N. West St., Bellevue, five gallons of liquor, 110 gallons of wine and three cases of beer were found, the officers report.

Most of the intoxicants were found under a flight of false stairs at the home of Franks. Mayor Erdrich fined Franks $350 and costs.

“I want to see it thrown down the sewer. I don’t want anyone else to drink it,” said Franks, when he was sentenced. Friends paid the fine of Franks. Killian was fined $150 and costs.


Shakespeare Club studies England

The Shakespeare Club made an excellent start on the new program of the year, last night, at the session held with Mr. and Mrs. John H. Coxe at their home on North Pleasant Street, and the promise is for one of the most interesting years in the history of the organization. English history is the thread of the year’s discourse, and is interspersed with several evenings in light vein.

King Arthur was the topic handled most interesting manner by Miss Bertha Butler, in the first paper of the evening. She told of the amassing virtues that song and legend had heaped upon the head of the ancient ruler, and of the romantic story that had finally found full expression in Tennyson’s Idylls of the King: how Arthur had conquered part of the continent and gone as far south as Rome, from whence he had been recalled by the faithlessness of his queen Guinevere.

The evening was presided over by J.A. Strutton, the club president. The program for the year was ready by the secretary, Mrs. Goodsell, and formally approved and the list of members who are retiring either by removal from the city or changing to the associate list, was read. 


Leidorffs buy general store at Hartland

A.J.  and N.C. Liedorff have bought the general store of L.S. Hudson at Hartland station. The new proprietors are Norwalk men and have charge. A.J. Liedorff will move to Hartland station. Mr. Hudson has been in business there two and one half years.


Warn motorists of wet leaves

The Huron County Automobile Club advises every automobile driver to be very careful when driving his car over wet streets covered with fallen leaves. Wet streets are a sufficient reach to warrant every caution, but with leaves covering the streets there is need for extraordinary care because frequently when a machine’s brakes are applied leaves collect under the tires and do not permit proper traction to stop the car.

There is but one safe way to drive when streets are wet and slippery and that is at a speed that one know positively that the car is under control.


Buys feeder through farm bureau service

C. Frank Hopkins of Ripley twp. has just received a car of mighty nice native feeder lambs purchased through the Huron County Farm Bureau Service Co.




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