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Vigilance committee shakes $500 out of Bronson bond slacker

• Oct 16, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Here are the top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Oct. 16, 1918:


Vigilance committee shakes $500 out of Bronson bond slacker

A Bronson citizen bought $500 worth of Liberty bonds today at a Norwalk bank, and it is rumored that it was the result of a visit from a vigilance committee at his home last night.

According to street rumor, the man, who owns his own farm and has no dependents, had boasted that he didn’t own a solitary Liberty bond and didn’t intend to. It is said he was pro-German or at least un-American in his expressed sentiments.

It is said that a vigilance committee called at his house last night, took him forcibly to a sequestered spot, trimmed him up a bit and told him what more would happen if he did not come across like a real American and buy Liberty bonds.

The $500 purchase today was the direct result of the influence thus exerted.


Another child is dead of flu at N. Fairfield

NORTH FAIRFIELD — The Spanish influenza is still raging in our community. Nearly every family has at least one case. In many instances every member with a possible exception of one. Our faithful and untiring physician, Dr. L.L. Jones, was taken the last of the week and although he has been quite ill, is reported to be better and getting  along nicely.

It is impossible for the correspondent to give the names of all who are ill, but we are very glad to mention several who are greatly improved. Among the number are the Misses Mildred Bowen, Fern Jennings and Sylvia Pierce.

Monday, our village was shocked and saddened by the news of the death of Charlotte Bowser, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Bowser. This is indeed a terrible loss to the parents, for Charlotte was a wonderfully bright and lovable child, an especial favorite with her teachers and school mates and one who gave great promise of noble womanhood. Her little sister, Mary Elizabeth, with whom there was more than ordinary bond of love and sympathy, is very ill of the same disease. Every heart aches for this family in their sad affliction.

Ere we had laid little Charlotte away came news of the death of another of our school children. Little Lacey Veach, eldest child fo Mr. and Mrs. Lacey Veach, was another victim of the epidemic complicated with whooping cough. Lacey was a dear little fellow of about 9 years of age and will be greatly missed by teachers and school mates.


Grid game is shot to pieces by flu

The board of health forced Lorain High to cancel her game of Oct. 19 with the Norwalk eleven. Mr. Patterson announced late yesterday afternoon. The local boys are to stop football practices until the flu scare clears up, according to Coach Patterson.

It appears right now that the football season for 1918 is very nearly off the calendar. Games all over the league have been cancelled right and left and the gridders themselves appear much discouraged over the turn of affairs.



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